King Air

Model 830 CCA™ Air Conditioning System

for King Air 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 Aircraft
US Patent 9,617,005, others pending

Superior Aircraft Air Conditioning:

The Installation:

Ground Blower and Condensor
Ground Blower
The OEM ground blower and forward condensor from the OEM air conditioning are retained. All other OEM air conditoner components are replaced. A second condensor precools the hot refrigerant coming from the air conditioner compressor.

Forward Evaporator

Forward Evaporator
A new forward evaporator replaces the inefficient updraft OEM unit. Additional cockpit air outlets provide improved cockpit cooling.

Cabin Interior

Heat Exchanger
Advanced concept cabin cooling with conveniently positioned heat exchangers that create a "cocoon" of cooling air for each passenger. Optional LED accent lights are available for the overhead heat exchangers. Thes heat exchangers are cooled by an ethylene glycol mix connected by 3/8 inch diameter tubing instead of the typical large air ducts. The fluid carries 830 times the cooling capacity of air!

The System

System All the workings of the CCA are located under the aft center aisle for easy access. The components shown are (from left to right, forward to aft): the compressor assembly, the evaporator, the control module, the power pack for ground cooling, and the condensate pump module.

Compressor Module

Compressor The system uses a state of the art high efficiency electric compressor that produces over 5 horsepower of cooling.

Control Module

Control Module
The compressor is energized by a liquid cooled 3 phase power generator for maximum efficiency.

Evaporator Module

The aft evaporator module chills and circulates cold ethylene glycol solution to the overhead cabin heat exchangers using small hoses instead of large inefficient air ducts. The liquid coolant has more 830 times the cooling capacity of air. The pump uses a magnetically coupled brushless motor for reliability.

The chilled glycol liquid from the aft evaporator connects to a manifold with an air trap and a simple toggle valve for charging the liquid circuit. The heat exchangers hoses connect to the manifold.

Condensate pump module

Condensate Module Each overhead heat exchanger connects to a condensate pump to remove humidity from the cabin.

Ground Plug

Ground Plug For pre-cooling from a 220 volt extension cord, an onboard GPU module supplies up to 150 amperes at 28 volts for cabin pre-cooling. All that is required is to connect a 220 volt extension cord into a plug at the aft section of the aircraft. Not a single switch to flip, and no cabin access is required!

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