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US patent 9,617.005, others pending

    The SofieLite™ is an electric all-in-one air conditioner for smaller aircraft. It does not have the liquid interface of the standard Sofie™. SofieLite™ is positioned just forward of the aft cabin bulkhead. Outside cooling air comes from a scoop mounted on tail, which is not required but does increase performance of A/C of the aircraft or from a baggage door scoop. The hot air is exhausted through the rear bulkhead. The total system is 10 pounds lighter than a standard Sofie™. SofieLite™ comes both in 12 and 24 VDC versions. The unit has a built-in condensate pump. This unit is controlled with 6 foot extension remote control shows the digital battery buss voltage. Ducts can be attached to the flanges to position the cold air flow. Can not be used on pressurized aircraft. The SofieLite™ System is not FAA certified. It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed.

SofieLite™ 12 Volt

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Cooling module: 14 ½” Tall  x 20” Long x 11.2” Wide - 38 Lbs.

    12 VDC Model 8,000 BTU

    35- 85 amperes- adjustable

    12 VDC High Charge Model 9,000 BTU

    45- 95 amperes- adjustable

    100 Amp Alternator Recommended*

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