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Sofie™ Portable Air Conditioning

Superior portable air conditioning for most any aircraft at a fraction of the cost of other options. The Sofie™ System is not FAA certified. It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed. The system uses patented liquid technology to remove the heat from the cabin to the aft fuselage of the aircraft by means of two 3/8 inch hoses.

“Installation” placement is incidental and takes only minutes. The Sofie™ system module goes anywhere in the aircraft cabin where cooling is most needed. Two adjustable vents at the top of the Sofie™ Module direct cool air flow direction. Since there is no cool air ducting, the system is very efficient and provides the cooling capacity of  larger systems. The air conditioner capacity and current drain is continuously adjustable to meet the requirement of most aircraft electrical systems, from single engine piston to turbine aircraft.

Heat Dissipation

     To make cold air, heat is removed. This heat from the cabin Sofie module is dissipated outside of the aircraft cabin aft of the rear bulkhead using unique PSA patented liquid technology. Thereby two small flexible hoses connect between the main cabin Sofie module and a heat dissipator modules in the aft empennage of the aircraft.  Quick disconnect couplings disconnect the hoses at the real bulkhead. The standard heat dissipator features handles on all four sides for temporary installation anywhere. PSA can provide a heat dissipator  module design for special installation requirements. Efficient blowers on the heat dissipator module disperse the heat.


Electrical Power Options

     The Sofie is powered from your aircraft electrical system buss with a connector installed close to the placement of the main Sofie™  module in the cabin. For cabin precooling before flight, the Sofie can be powered by an APU or a special 120/ 220 volt adapter module available from PSA, as shown. This power adapter also allows cooling the aircraft interior during maintenance with the heat dissipator module left outside of the aircraft (weighs 5 pounds).

PSA can furnish an FAA certified installation of the GPU module and Sofie wiring with an extension cord plug for ground cooling. Additionally, the GPU module can power the avionics for software updates and battery charging.


The Sofie cabin module features two vents at the top that direct the cool air flow wherever it is needed. A single rotary control turns the unit on and adjusts the power level as needed. A digital voltmeter shows the incoming buss voltage. If there is a voltage drop as for the case of a limited aircraft alternator capacity the Sofie power control would simply be turned slightly counterclockwise to reduce the amperage drain and slightly decrease the cooling capacity.


Sofie 24 Cooling Capacity > 12,000 BTU-

 - Power: 23- 28 VDC, 20-45 Amps, adjustable

- Weight, main cooling module-  30 pounds

- 2 Heat Dissipation Modules, total 10.3 pounds

   ( 11.75" x 4" x 6.5"  ea.)

- Power Cord- 8 feet, Liquid Hoses w/ quick disconnects

- Main module 14”L  x  6.5”W x 15” H + handle

 - Built-in Condensate pump to expel condensate overboard.

Sofie 12 Cooling Capacity > 8,000 BTU-

-Power: 11-14 VDC, 30-75 Amps, adjustable

- Weight, main cooling module- 30 pounds

- 2 Heat dissipating Modules, total 10.3 pounds

   (11.75" x 4" x 6.5")

- Power Cord, Liquid Hoses w/ quick disconnects- 8 feet

- Main Module 14"L x 6.5"W x 15"H + handle

- Built-in Condensate pump to expel condensate overboard


The illustration to the left shows the Sofie installed in an unpressurized piston twin commander. The main Sofie module is placed near the pilot position in the aircraft cabin. It is connected to the aircraft buss with a conveniently positioned power connector. The heat is routed through two 3/8" ID hoses to the aft cabin bulkhead where PSA quick disconnect ends make connections a snap. A heat dissipation module in the aft empennage of the aircraft is temporarily positioned on a permanent mounting platform with an high capacity blower. The condensate from the main cooling module is routed to the rear amperage of the aircraft along with the coolant hoses and board is dispersed from the aircraft as needed. A digital voltmeter shows the incoming buss voltage. The readout would show a drop in voltage if the aircraft alternator had limited amperage capacity. In that eventuality, the Sofie™ power control would simply be turned slightly counterclockwise to reduce the amperage drain and slightly decrease the cooling capacity.

The Sofie is shown in the cabin of an Astar helicopter. Various options are available to mount the heat dissipator module and fan.


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