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Innovations in Aeronautics

Aircraft Environmental Systems

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The Cabin Comfort Unit is a high performance air conditioning and clean air pressurization system STC'd and PMA'd for all Twin Commander 690 series aircraft.


The Cabin Comfort Air conditioning provides
all electric air conditioning for 200/ 300/ 350 series King Air Aircraft with APU or  extension cord precooling versatility  and reduced maintenance expenses.


Economical & portable 12 and 24 volt air conditioners for most aircraft without the burden of STC requirements and complexities.

In-House Manufacturing in the USA


      Peter Schiff Aero Inc. is the technology  leader for aircraft environmental systems. Innovative designs can only become a reality and certified in conjunction with extensive in-house development and specialized manufacturing  capabilities. All manufacturing for our aircraft components is performed in house by Peter Schiff Aero Inc in central Tennessee.


      As a start, Peter Schiff, is the designer of PSA Systems, with 45 years of aviation experience, 13,000+ hours of PIC flight time,  including transatlantic flights, and years of 24/7 medical emergency flight support. He has over 30 major patents in aviation and other arts and has operated a 690C Commander since new in 1980, The perplexing OEM ECU problems he experienced started a development process in 1992, with extensive Schiff Medical, Inc. manufacturing facilities used to produce cardiac assist equipment.


     PSA has the equipment necessary to manufacture the extensive PSA products, including a full machine shop, with the latest CNC equipment, a welding shop, full electronics manufacturing, including printed circuit boards, sheet metal fabrication, and  fiberglass, and Instrument panel fabrication. Aircraft installations are supported by Microvib II balancing, a pressurization cart, and aircraft weight scales. In short, we have invested in most everything to make the CCU™, the CCA™, and our portable air conditioners, install, and service them with a range of capabilities matched by few other aircraft companies.

     We fabricate the CCU Turbocharger, in its entirety, a feat accomplished by only a handful of US manufacturers. Its rotating components are custom fabricated for state of the art performance. The turbocharger is balanced to perfection in three dedicated steps during its manufacturing process. It is then run for 12 hours and tested before it goes out the door. A  unique pressure controller adjusts the turbocharger speed according to the aircraft altitude and cabin differential to increase the efficiency of the system and up 10% increased fuel efficiency and reduced engine temperatures.


Limited Warranty

Our superior portable air conditioning, CCA, & CCU warranty- Six months labor (prior approval required), 1 year parts (CCU Turbocharger is pro-rated to 2 years) - simple! Generally, all parts are in stock. In your travels, drop in to our full service facility at our TN80 (Unicom 122.725 mHz) airport or K8A3 airport for 24/7 service.  We also supply helicopter ferry service to the Nashville International Airport.



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Head Office

Peter Schiff Aero, Inc.

4400 Log Cabin Lane

Cookeville, TN 38506

Airport Identifiers: K8A3 or TN80

Tel:  931-537-6505

Cell: 931-284-1534

Fax: 931-537-6495

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