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Sofie FAQ's

If I do not have a useable fresh air intake, do I have to add one? A fresh intake scoop increases performance primarily in flight, but it is not required for the SofieLite or the PAC systems. 

My alternator is not 100 amps, can I still use a Sofie system? A 100 amp alternator or 100 amps combined (twin aircraft) is needed for cooling during idle/ taxi operation. In these scenarios the alternator is not spinning fast enough to produce the full rated capacity and may not be able to support the system in high ambient temperatures. Most aircraft have approved alternator upgrade options.

Which system is the lightest? The SofieLite system is the lightest at 35 lbs overall.

Which system is the smallest? The Sofie system takes up the least cabin space since it is a split unit with the heat shedding portion located in the tail.

Can my mechanic install a Sofie system? Yes, we can ship a kit to your location to be installed. We recommend contacting us for installation information for your mechanic to review before ordering.

How long does it take you to install a Sofie System? Installation duration varies depending on the aircraft, system, and options. The average turnaround time at our facility is 7-10 days.

Which system can be used in pressurized aircraft? The Sofie is the only system that can be used in pressurized aircraft. This is possible due to the heat being removed from the cabin with liquid lines to a heat exchanger in the tail.

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