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US patent 9,617.005, 11,661,199 B2 others, pending
      The SofieLite™ is an electric all-in-one air conditioner for smaller aircraft. It does not have the liquid interface of the standard Sofie™. SofieLite™ is positioned just forward of the aft cabin bulkhead. Outside cooling air comes from a scoop mounted on tail, which is not required but does increase performance of A/C of the aircraft or from a baggage door scoop. The hot air is exhausted through the rear bulkhead. The total system is 10 pounds lighter than a standard Sofie™SofieLite™ comes both in 12 and 24 VDC versions. The unit has a built-in condensate pump. This unit is controlled with 6 foot extension remote control shows the digital battery buss voltage. Ducts can be attached to the flanges to position the cold air flow. Can not be used on pressurized aircraft. The SofieLite™ System is not FAA certified. It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed.

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US patent 9,617.005, 11,661,199 B2, others pending
     The SofiePAC™ uses patented liquid technology to efficiently distribute direct cooling throughout the cabin. The system is modular- with a main unit that can easily be connected to up to 4 different liquid-fed heat exchangers.  PSA Inc. offers cooling modules that can mount to different areas throughout the cabin to provide direct cooling to the crew and passengers. Transporting chilled liquid is much more efficient and compact than traditional air ducting. The small liquid lines can easily be routed through the cabin without being nearly as intrusive, making installation simple. The unit is a fully electric, vapor cycle system that comes in both 12 and 24 VDC versions. The SofiePAC™’s main module is intended to sit against the rear bulkhead to exhaust the heat out of the cabin. The SofiePAC™ does not require a fresh air intake. Can be used on pressurized aircraft. The SofiePAC™ System is not FAA certified.  It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed. 


US patent 9,617.005,  11,661,199 B2, others pending
     The Sofie™ uses patented liquid technology to remove the heat from the cabin to a heat exchanger in the aft fuselage of the aircraft by means of two 3/8 inch hoses. “Installation” placement is incidental and takes only minutes. The Sofie™ system module goes anywhere in the aircraft cabin where cooling is most needed. Two adjustable vents at the top of the Sofie™ Module direct cool air flow direction. Since there is no cool air ducting, the system is very efficient and provides the cooling capacity of  larger systems. The air conditioner capacity and current draw is continuously adjustable to meet the requirement of most aircraft electrical systems, from single engine piston to turbine aircraft. A Scoop is recommended for this unit. Can be used on pressurized aircraft. The Sofie™ System is not FAA certified. It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed.

All of Our Units are Designed with Safety and Ease-of-Use in Mind

    All of our systems are all electric as well which allows the systems to be ran with out engine power from a GPU to precool your aircraft on the ground. Our systems are software-based which provides automatic features. In low voltage conditions, the unit will automatically scale back the power consumption to restore the voltage. If the low voltage condition persists, the unit powers down. If the unit is overheating it will automatically scale down to a lower power setting, allowing  the condenser to catch up to the heat load. The system will automatically return to the original power setting once the temperature is normalized. These are some of the many features included with our units that allows you to have peace of mind while operating the system. 

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As shown, our SofieLite™can be fitted into the aircraft without compromise and offers exceptional cooling at low-cost (Pictured Left). There is minimal cargo space occupied by the unit and can be taken out in minutes for when it is not needed. For the installation, only your baggage door is modified to have an intake scoop (Pictured Upper Right) and inspection panels for an exhaust (Pictured Lower Right), leaving the skin of the aircraft untouched. 


The Sofie™ is shown in the cabin of an Astar helicopter. Various options are available to mount the heat dissipator module and fan.


The Sofie™ is shown in the cabin of an Shrike Commander. 


The SofieLite™ is shown in the baggage of an Cessna 182. 

Tired of sweating?

Contact PSA to install the A/C in your plane! 

The American Business Model is built on a foundation of technology, growth, production expansion, and advanced marketing. All of this is accelerated by the use of general aviation aircraft that makes things happen more quickly and efficiently. And you, as  the proud owner of an aircraft, want assurance that all systems of your aircraft are supported by an educated team with technical support and parts availability. Peter Schiff Aero Inc. has been in the forefront of technology and support for nearly 20 years. We are a very special aerospace company that develops superior products and with a relentless drive to make them even better. We area available on a 24/7 basis with a complete in house fabricated parts inventory at very compettitive pricing. We make house calls!

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