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The Sofie™SofieLite™, and PAC™ is powered from your aircraft electrical system buss with a connector installed close to the placement of the main  module in the cabin. For cabin precooling before flight, the Sofie can be powered by an APU or the Sofie-Power™ GPU ( 12 ans 24 volt versions) can be configured to have a mil-spec plug  as shown or with an APU plug as well. This power adapter also allows cooling the aircraft interior during maintenance with the heat dissipator module left outside of the aircraft (weighs 5 pounds).


SKU: 21554345656
  • GPU Module:

    1.8" Tall x 15” Long  x 5” Wide- 7Lbs.

    6 Ft. Cables

    APU plug or mil-spec plug for the Air Conditioner.

    24 Volt Output:

    Input 110 VAC  => Output 60 amps  28VDC

    Input 220 VAC  => Output 80 amps 28 VDC

    12 Volt Output:

    Input 110 VAC => Output 90 amps 14 VDC

    Input 220 VAC => Output 100 amps 14 VDC



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