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OEM Support

Peter Schiff Aero Inc. has been innovating aviation for more than 20 years and uses cutting edge technology. With in house manufacturing we can develop a system to meet your specified needs more efficent than anyone else in the industry

Our Capabilities

With PSA Inc. technology your company can rest assured that your product will designed to be most efficent for your application. From minis splits to all-in-one configurations we can develop a system to meet your weight and size requirements for any size area. For air purification uses we can utilize HEPA filtration and UV light technology to assist with sanitization. As well as custom control panels or to be operated through your own equipment. Cooling for demanding electronics, cabin comfort, or even applications unrelated to aviation, PSA Inc. has you covered.

Based in the USA

PSA Inc. proudly designs, manufactures, and assembles its parts in central Tennessee with unmatched technical support and development. This allows us to have shorter lead times and quicker development for your product.


Interested in working with us?

The American Business Model is built on a foundation of technology, growth, production expansion, and advanced marketing. All of this is accelerated by the use of general aviation aircraft that makes things happen more quickly and efficiently. You want assurance that all systems are supported by an educated team with technical support and parts availability. Peter Schiff Aero Inc. has been in the forefront of technology and support for over 20 years. We are a very special aerospace company that develops superior products and with a relentless drive to make them even better. We area available on a 24/7 basis with a complete in house fabricated parts inventory at very competitive pricing. We make house calls!

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