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US patent 9,617.005, others pending

      The Sofie™ uses patented liquid technology to remove the heat from the cabin to a heat exchanger in the aft fuselage of the aircraft by means of two 3/8 inch hoses. “Installation” placement is incidental and takes only minutes. The Sofie™ system module goes anywhere in the aircraft cabin where cooling is most needed. Two adjustable vents at the top of the Sofie™ Module direct cool air flow direction. Since there is no cool air ducting, the system is very efficient and provides the cooling capacity of larger systems. The air conditioner capacity and current draw is continuously adjustable to meet the requirement of most aircraft electrical systems, from single engine piston to turbine aircraft. A Scoop is typically required for this unit. Can be used on pressurized aircraft. The Sofie™ System is not FAA certified. It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed. Now has built in self priming feature for easy priming.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Cooling module:

    15” Tall  x 14” Long x 6 ½” Wide - 30.5 Lbs.

    24 VDC Model 13,000 BTU, 25- 65  amperes- adjustable

    12 VDC Model 8,000 BTU, 35- 75  amperes- adjustable

    Heat Exchanger: 10.25” Tall x 15.4” Long x 2.25” Wide - 8.15 Lbs.

    120 CFM Air Output:

    100 Amp Alternator Recommended*

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