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US patent 9,617.005, others pending

     ​The SofiePAC™ uses patented liquid technology to efficiently distribute direct cooling throughout the cabin. The system is modular- with a main unit that can easily be connected to up to 4 different liquid-fed heat exchangers. PSA Inc. offers cooling modules that can mount to different areas throughout the cabin to provide direct cooling to the crew and passengers. Transporting chilled liquid is much more efficient and compact than traditional air ducting. The small liquid lines can easily be routed through the cabin without being nearly as intrusive, making installation simple. The unit is a fully electric, vapor cycle system that comes in both 12 and 24 VDC versions. The SofiePAC™’s main module is intended to sit against the rear bulkhead to exhaust the heat out of the cabin. The SofiePAC™ does not require a fresh air intake. Can be used on pressurized aircraft. The SofiePAC™ System is not FAA certified. It is intended as a non-permanent installation that is removed from the aircraft for annual inspections and is subsequently replaced in the aircraft when needed.


  • Main Module:

    12" Tall x 18” Long x 9.5” Wide - 38 Lbs. Dry Weight

    24 VDC Model 13,000 BTU, 25- 65  amperes- adjustable

    12 VDC Model 8,000 BTU, 35- 75  amperes- adjustable

    ** 1 SofiePAC™ unit can support up to 4 cooling modules (3 modules for 12V) **

    100 amp Alternator Recommended*

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